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DIY Bubble Boba Tea

Posted by Monica Dvorak-Tong on

Do You Love Bubble Tea???


Did you know that you can make it from home and save money??

Totally TEA-riffic Tea has many different flavours of bubble tea powders available, as well as, instant (pre-made) tapioca pearls and Jumbo tapioca pearls (must be cooked according to directions on package).  

To Make Bubble Tea, you will need some of the following:
  • Tea (usually green or black) OR Fruit flavoured mix (powder or homemade fruit smoothie)
  • Milk/Cream/Almond Milk/etc - if desired
  • Sweetener - if desired (sugar, simple syrup, coconut milk/cream, stevia, etc...)
  • Ice - for chilled drink
  • Tapioca Pearls or Popping Bobas 
  • Cup
  • Bubble Tea Straw (wide enough to allow the pearls/bobas to pass)

    In addition, we also carry DIY Bubble Tea kits with instructions (shown below) on how to make your bubble tea.

     Looking for a different and exceptional bubble tea... Try our Coconut Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Boba Tea by clicking the link below the picture.

    Try our Coconut Butterfly Blue Pea Flower Boba Bubble Tea

    The instructions below are included with each of our DIY Bubble (Boba) Tea Kits.

    Enjoy making a DIY Bubble (Boba) tea following the instructions included in each of our DIY bubble tea kits.


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