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Eight Tips to the Perfect Iced Tea

Posted by Monica Dvorak-Tong on

Iced Tea Tips

Peach Ice Cream is an excellent herbal tisane to make iced tea.

June is National Iced Tea month. Are you looking for some different alternatives for you or your kids this summer?

Tip 1:  Choose a high quality tea (preferably loose tea)

Your iced tea will have a much better flavour if you use a high quality loose leaf tea instead of tea bags.

Tip 2: Brew your tea much stronger than hot tea

Once ice is added, the tea becomes diluted and will taste weak (see bonus tip below). Use twice the amount of loose leaf tea or tea bags that you would normally use.

Tip 3: Steep for the same amount of time as your hot teas.

Use tip 1 instead of trying to steep your tea longer to get a strong tea.  If you steep the tea longer, it will release tannins that will cause your tea to be bitter and possibly cloudy when cooled.

Tip 4: Use filtered water or spring water

Using filtered water or spring water will allow for a better quality and clarity for your iced tea.  Hard water can cause your iced tea to be "cloudy" once it is cooled.

Tip 5:  Add Sugar or Sweetener while hot

Be sure to add your sugar or sweetener while the tea is hot.  This will ensure the sweetener dissolves evenly and fully. 

Tip 6: Cool the tea before refrigerating

Allow the tea to cool to room temperature for about an hour before refrigerating.  This will also prevent the tea from becoming cloudy.

Tip 7:  Store your iced tea in sealed glass containers

Both plastic and metal containers will give unwanted flavours to your iced tea.  Plastic containers absorb and release flavours and smells while metal containers can give your iced tea a metallic flavour.  

The container should be sealed because the iced tea can also pick up flavours from your refrigerator.

Tip 8:  Add real fruit, herbs, lemons or limes to enhance your iced tea

Adding fruit, herbs, lemons or limes to your iced tea will add some extra flavour and give your iced tea a beautiful appearance.  Reminder, black tea is a natural indicator and will become lighter in appearance if you add lemon or lime juice which are acidic.

Orange Grove Vanilla Iced TeaMoroccan Mint Iced tea with hint of lime

Featured Above:  Orange Grove Vanilla Iced tea (left) and Moroccan Mint with a Hint of Lime (right)

Bonus Tip: Make ice cubes from the tea ahead of time.

If you make iced tea frequently consider making some ice cubes from the tea and keeping them ready to use.  This will prevent the iced tea from being diluted and tasting weak.  (see picture below: Berry Berry fruit tea made into an iced tea and popsicles).
Use pre-made tea ice cubes to add to your iced tea to prevent diluting it.


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